Retaining Walls

Retaining walls have several benefits, but only one true purpose: to retain earth. Home construction is notorious for rerouting water ways , especially in hilly areas of the country like Pittsburgh, Wexford, and the North Hills. When waterways are rerouted, there is inevitably some erosion and soil displacement. This affects the structural integrity of foundations and can lead to basement walls collapsing or worse.

Improper water redirection leads to erosion. The loss of soil equates to weakness, leading to miniature mudslides, avalanches, and flooding on a minor scale. In time, damage adds up and entire hillsides that hold your home move or collapse. This has led to the destruction of many beautiful homes.

Our forefather’s learned long ago that terraforming and building retaining walls in the earth could help to preserve precious hillsides, save homes, and ensure safer lives for local residents. They figured out that securing walls by anchoring them deep within the hills using long, metal shafts would hold soil n place during storms or times of high pressure. Their knowledge is still used today.

Retaining walls dot the landscape of surrounding Pittsburgh and Wexford neighborhoods. Retaining walls are everywhere, from where the oldest homes still stand to brand new neighborhoods. These days, we are far more precise about retaining wall construction. We use Local stones, Versalock /stones/concrete to build long-lasting, sturdy retaining walls that can save homes from disasters.

Retaining Wall Replacement Before and After

After installing retaining walls many may homeowners may notice that they now have new, ready-made flowerbeds and soil that was once difficult to farm is suddenly more accessible. Those who don’t garden are grateful that they now have a much easier time mowing and maintaining their yards. Thanks to leveling the ground during retaining wall construction, homeowners can use their retaining walls to create graduated seating in outdoor spaces, too.

Building retaining walls is steeped in common sense. It makes inaccessible hilly yards suddenly accessible and maintainable. It turns unusable land into prime real estate overnight. It makes un-farmable land easily plantable for backyard gardeners. Retaining walls look beautiful, especially when constructed of Versalock stones.

To reduce flooding, boost curb appeal, speak with professional Retaining Wall Contractors at JWB Construction. They can create a assess your yard and give you a quote full of personalized construction options to fit your needs.

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